English Combination

Age:17+ (18+ in summer)

Level: Elementary +

Length: 2 weeks to 12 months+

Class: 5 private One-to-One plus 15 lessons in small groups (maximum 12)

Lessons: 20 per week (note: 1 lesson=55 minutes)

The benefits for you

  • a combination of learning styles
  • individual attention from your own personal teacher
  • the stimulation of learning with other students
  • focus on your specific needs - IELTS, EAP (English for Academic Purposes) or career development

Course structure
The programme consists of 20 lessons per week:

  • 15 in small groups (max. 12); and
  • 5 in private lessons (One-to-One)

Group classes focus on developing greater accuracy and greater fluency in the use of English. Lessons incorporate the four skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking - as well as the building-blocks of the language - grammar and vocabulary.

Private One-to-One lessons provide individual attention from your own Personal Language trainer. This is an excellent way to focus specifically on making that extra progress – it might just make the difference!

Robin and Ruka talk about their English courses


Sample Timetable
English Combination
09.00-11.00 Focus on Accuracy
11.15-12.15 Focus on fluency
14.00-16.00 One-to-One class

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