Cross-College Teaching Themes

The harmonisation of teaching themes is one of the special features of studying at St Clare’s.

As a small community, we promote integration across course and across college, whenever possible. This provides a genuine unity of purpose and creates significant benefits:

  • each student can function at their current level and yet take part in shared, cross-college activities, study visits and events
  • the focus on language outcomes increases motivation amongst 'long-stay' students and allows easy integration of those on shorter courses.

Learning and discovery

Technology and innovations
Technology in the workplace and education
  • Social media: Facebook and Twitter
  • Cloud computing, 3D printing,nanotechnology, vertical farming

Excursion: Oxford Museum of Science
- ‘The origins of broadcasting’ - from Morse Code, to Marconi radio and the early development of our inter-connected, internet world.

Facebook competition: A photo to symbolise 'What St Clare’s means to me!' - students post their entry and other students ‘like’ their favourite photo.
Prize: dinner for two at an Oxford restaurant.

Differences and similarities

Multicultural Oxford
  • Study Visit to Cowley Road
  • Places of worship (cathedral / mosque)
  • Video clips: multicultural Oxford / UK

Excursion: Walking tour of Oxford
Evening event: Dinner at Le Kesh - enjoy the delights of North African cuisine.
Bardwell Film Club: Bend It Like Beckham - a comedy-drama which explores multicultural relations and gender roles in modern Britain.

Society and responsibility

Dealing with waste
  • Food waste and recycling at St Clare’s
  • Heating, electricity and paper use
  • Protecting our environment

Study Visit

  • Redbridge Recycling Centre - go behind the scenes and see how waste is recycled across the city.
  • Language outcome: note-taking and reporting exercise.

College campaign - St Clare’s Cares - practical recycling and waste reduction activities on site, with the support of members of the college.

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