What Students Say

Orientation Olympics for new IB students at St Clares Oxford

Studying the IB at St Clares OxfordMadison - American - 32 points - Pace University New York University, USA - Drama
The IB has broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to a greater perspective of the world as a whole. I think that personally, I have developed tremendously over the last three years due to the IB. I’ve met so many memorable people and amazing personalities, I will truly never forget my time here.

Studying the IB at St Clares OxfordLucien - French - 43 points - Gap Year - teaching English in Nepal
I don’t know if it is the international environment, the quality of the teaching or the diversity of backgrounds found at St Clare’s that broadened my views of the world but it goes without saying that I have spent two unforgettable years of my life here. I have grown immensely and I am incredibly grateful for everything that has happened to me.

Studying the IB at St Clares OxfordWilliam - Norwegian - 42 points - Economics and Politics - University of Edinburgh
St Clare’s is a unique learning environment where I have been able to develop a large degree of independence both academically and personally. Most special for me has been all the friends I have made here, people I think will be my friends for life. Coming to St. Clare’s is one of the best decisions I have made, as I have had the opportunity to meet such diverse and friendly people.

Studying the IB at St Clares OxfordNabila - British Nigerian - 38 points - International Development with Economics - University of Bath
St. Clare’s is a place where I’ve been able to explore my academic and non-academic interests by having discussions with people from all over. It’s helped me prepare for what comes my way in the future and has been a phenomenal experience.

Studying the IB at St Clares OxfordGino - Italian - 39 points - Economic History - University of Edinburgh
It was when I called St. Clare’s “home” that I understood it had become a part of me. I will always be thankful to St. Clare’s for these two amazing years.

Studying the IB at St Clares OxfordJiangnan - Chinese - 42 points - University College London - Economics
Life at St. Clare’s is just like the IB: challenging but fascinating. Studying in such a diverse and friendly environment has encouraged me to discuss different ideas, undertake challenges and become a more independent thinker.

Studying the IB at St Clares OxfordBrandon - British - 32 points - Gap Year
I originally came to St. Clare's because of its academic excellence and prestigious status. Whilst being here, however, I certainly received more than I bargained for. During my time at St. Clare's my international mindedness flourished in harmony with my academic studies, preparing me for the diverse world ahea.

Studying the IB at St Clares OxfordFreddie - British - 33 points - Apprentice / Degree - Capgemini
I have really enjoyed my time at St Clare’s. The student population is incredibly diverse and you will leave here with friends from every part of the world, and although we do enjoy our free time, there is still a strong working atmosphere which pushes everyone to perform to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, the teachers are all fun and inspire you to work hard in their subjects. It’s a great place to learn, achieve good grades but also to enjoy your last two years before university education.

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