General English For Everyday Use

Age: 17+ (18+ in summer)

Level: from elementary to advanced

Length: 2 weeks to 12 months+

Class size: maximum 12 students

Lessons: 21 per week (note: lesson = 55 minutes)


Is this course for me? Yes, if you want to build your grammar and vocabulary and improve your general English Language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking in small groups (maximum class size 12).

The benefits to you

  • increased overall confidence in the use of English
  • a wider range of vocabulary
  • greater accuracy in grammar
  • better pronunciation and greater fluency in speaking
Ruka - Japan - General English for Everyday Use

Course structure
Classes in the mornings focus on developing greater accuracy and greater fluency in the use of English. Lessons incorporate the four skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking - as well as the building-blocks of the language - grammar and vocabulary.

Classes in the afternoons are based on student choice. A wide range of options is available each week and popular examples include:

  • Speaking, Listening and Pronunciation
  • Grammar, Vocabulary and Collocation
  • English 'out and about' in Oxford
  • English for Business and Work
  • Popular Music and Film

Also available:

Sample Timetable
General English for Everyday Use
09.00-11.00 Focus on Accuracy
11.15-12.15 Focus on fluency
14.00-16.00 Subject choices

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