Private lessons - One-to-One

Age: 18 +

Level: all levels

Length: 1 week +

Lessons: 10 or 15 or 25 lessons per week of individual tuition (note: 1 lesson=55 minutes)

The benefits for you

  • individual attention from your own Personal Language trainer at all times
  • focus on your specific needs – professional, academic and personal
  • maximum progress in the shortest possible time
  • a boost to your confidence and performance in your chosen field

Personal training
A personal trainer, in all walks of life, motivates a client by setting goals and providing feedback. In the same way your one-to-one tutors at St. Clare’s help you to make the maximum English Language progress in the shortest possible time.

Focus on your specific language needs
If you have just a week or two to spare, our one-to-one lessons allow you to focus directly on your personal English language development. Over the past year, for example, we have built the confidence and improved the performance of individuals from across the world and supported their professional, academic and personal language needs as follows:

1. Professional language - for business, finance, education, medicine, law
  • the language and strategies for good presentations and negotiations
  • cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness
  • drafting and re-drafting articles for professional journals
Recent trainees: a senior academic (the Netherlands), CEO media company (South Korea), legal adviser (Brazil)
2. Academic language - for students, undergraduates and post-graduates
  • note-taking and report writing skills
  • presentations for seminars
  • SATs: academic reasoning training
  • linguistic support for dissertations

Recent trainees: postgraduate student (United Arab Emirates), pre-Masters student (China)

3. Personal language - for confidence, examinations, travel and leisure
  • voice training: projection, intonation and stress, accent reduction
  • support for ‘false beginners’ who have a mis-match of language skills reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • tips and practice for specific examinations – IELTS, Cambridge Exams, Business English Certificates (BEC)
Recent trainees: accountant (Qatar), retired businessman (Japan), fashion buyer (South Korea), property developer (Saudi Arabia), gap year student (Germany).

The Course Path involves a number of critical stages supported by a tutor from our experienced team:

  • Self-evaluation (your ‘needs and wants’)
  • Diagnosis (analysis and targets)
  • Monitoring (progress checks and updates)
  • Self-study (preparation and follow-up tasks)
  • Feedback (continuous learning ideas)
Our one-to-one team
St. Clare’s has a wide panel of tutors with English Language and life skills. You can rest assured that the Director of Studies matches their expertise to your stated requirements.

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