What Our Students Say

Our students are asked about their time here and their experiences. Students particularly value the mix of nationalities and cultures; many also state that they enjoy the fact that they spend time with English speaking American students following the Liberal Arts Programme. Oxford provides the perfect setting for study and social life and our teachers take the opportunity to use the city in their classes.
Rebecca - Switzerland - English for Examinations

Dansay and Juan Pablo - General English for Everyday Use
Robin - English Combination

Ruka - Japan - General English for Everyday Use

Herman - English for Examinations

Maximo - English for Examinations - Spain
The possibility of combining studying English with different academic subjects, for instance business or economics, is what makes St. Clare’s special for me.

Antoine - University Foundation Course - Belgium
I think St. Clare’s is awesome and different from other schools. The teaching, facilities and extra-curricular activities are all excellent – I feel privileged to have studied here.

Alena - University Foundation Course - Russia
St. Clare's is like a big family, where everyone supports each other. The relationships between students and teachers are amazing, and I really like the cultural diversity. Teaching is of the highest level – great preparation for the final exams!

Shuka - General English for Everyday Use - Japan
The classes are so interesting and the teachers are very kind. There are many interesting activities and you can build relationships with people from different countries. I would recommend St. Clare’s to anyone, I really enjoy studying here.

Clifford - Liberal Arts - USA
The faculty are the most attentive I have ever met, they make St. Clare’s a warm and welcoming place. The diversity of St. Clare’s is second to none, and my eyes have been opened by talking to people from very different settings than the one I grew up in.

Karin - English plus Academic Subjects - Germany
One of the best things about St. Clare’s is the open and international atmosphere. Small classes, highly-motivated teachers and effective exam preparation make St. Clare’s a very special place for studying.
It’s a place to make international friends, improve language skills and enjoy beautiful Oxford.

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